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DEM Alegre grey Lusitano mare DEM Alegre
Lusitano Mare

DOB: July 12, 2009

This young mare is quite affectionate and gentle. A three year old, DEM Alegre is beginning her training in classical dressage. This mare is strong and passionate whose physical strength and flexibility will compete very well in the dressage ring with the best warm bloods. DEM Alegre's sire is Tejo II and Dam is Tarumandai do Pentagono. She is seeking a riding partner who shares her passion.

DEM Esplendido bay Lusitano gelding DEM Esplendido
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: April 24, 2009

DEM Esplendido, affectionately called, Goliath, is a magnificent black/bay gelding. At 16.3+H and still growing; he has begun his dressage training and is coming along very nicely. With these exceptionally tall Lusitanos we begin very slowly introducing them to their jobs. As they are able we take them to a select few shows. Goliath had his first show experience as a four year old at the ERAHC in Virginia in 2013. He did very well. Our hopes for him are high as he continues to show in dressage. He is the type of horse that commands attention! When he enters the ring, you hear people whisper in awe of his magnificence. DEM Esplendido's dam is our Tarumandai do Penagono and his sire is Tejo II. Our two mares in foal to him for a 2014 foaling are DEM Leche and DEM Lucia!

Xira Do Retiro Lusitano brood mare Don-E-Mor Xira Do Retiro

DOB: January 29, 2003

Xira is a beautiful and rare, dark buckskin Lusitano mare whose sire is Dardo II and dam is Orla Do Top. Her bloodlines are quite impressive, producing champions in her homeland of Brazil. Her foals have wonderful personalities as well as varieties of color, and beautiful movement.

DEM Lancelot buckskin Lusitano colt DEM Lancelot
Lusitano Colt

Sire: Dolomit
Dam: DEM Leche

DEM Lancelot is just an amazing gelding. He is 4 and has been started under saddle at a walk and a trot. Lance is 16.2, very curious, personable, almost charismatic and playful but also very intelligent. Lance has been to Florida and to a clinic here in NC where he did just great and he travelled by himself. Lance needs his rider to be as intelligent as he is. One who is able to train him without stifiling his incredible spirit! Lancelot is absolutely a one in a million horse!!! He is priced at $29,000.

DEM Fresca bay Lusitano mare DEM Fresca
Lusitano Mare

DOB: March 30, 2008
Height: 15.2 hands

"I want to be your best friend, forever..." If you enter her field, DEM Fresca will follow you anywhere hoping to find that person who will be her friend forever! She is doing very well under saddle at walk and trot. The canter we have just begun to work on. She is truly a classic Lusitano noted for athleticism, intelligence, and willingness to please. Fresca's dam is Xira do Retiro and her sire, Istoso, have combined to give her height at approximately 15.2. She is s passionate mare looking for that rider who will share the adventure and romance only a true equestrian can experience. And she wants to do it forever.

DEM Trina bay Lusitano mare DEM Trina
Lusitano Mare

DOB: April 9, 2008

We are very enthusiastic about this mare and her potential. She is part of a rare blood line that is very special. Her dam is 100% Andrade, Ssirena and her sire Hipogrifo, is 100% Veiga! One characteristic of the Andrade blood line is the "huge" trot this mare has. DEM Trina is in foal to Lavrador and should foal in February. She had some training prior to pregnancy and can be ridden on the trail and in the arena again once she has been lunged and reassessed. She is an easy keeper and very friendly. DEM Trina can be sold in foal, with a baby by her side or separately once her foal is weaned.

DEM Pei Ley bay Lusitano mare DEM Pei Ley
Lusitano Mare

DOB: August 19, 2009

An exceptional bay mare, we believe that DEM Pei Ley could compete in a broad range of events from eventing, jumping, and dressage should that be your pleasure. Her dam is our 17 hand Tarumandai and her sire is Tejo II. At three years old, she exceeds 16 hands and still growing. She is an honest mare, very friendly and appreciates personal attention. DEM Pei Ley sports the unique Baroque nose common in the classical Lusitano. This beautiful bay mare is a star. Some on our staff believe she should not be sold, but integrated into our breeding program. As her training progresses, we will make that determination.

DEM Princessa bay Lusitano mare DEM Princessa
Lusitano Mare

DOB: May 29, 2009

Born from our Brazilian imported mare, Zafra do Retiro, and her sire Tejo II , DEM Princessa, it is clear that she represents the Lusitano breed well! She is developing powerful hindquarters, a muscular, arched neck, and an unusually full, thick full mane and tail. Very personable, she is first among her pasture mates to greet anyone entering the field. She clearly wants her own person to bond to and grow with. At three years old her training is coming along quite well. A very outgoing young mare, she is seeking her life riding partner.

DEM Amy bay Lusitano mare DEM Andromeda
Lusitano Filly

DOB: April 23, 2011

Most of our young fillies and colts are very friendly as we conduct socialization training in the field or barn. DEM Andromeda, however is especially friendly...some on our staff call her the "puppy dog." Her sweet disposition is just a start. This young filly has a lot going for her. Sired by 16.3 hand Bariloche do Arete and foaled by our 100% Andrade mare, Ssirena, DEM Andromeda has presence and moves that will please any crowd. Although we have several older mares that will make excellent breeding stock, at one year old she has already been identified as our best candidate filly from the 2011 herd. Nevertheless, if this is your horse and she chooses you, we will honor her decision.

DEM Mondego bay Lusitano gelding DEM Mondego
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: March 1, 2010

DEM Mondego is one of my personal favorites. If I could I’d keep him for myself! Mondego is such a love. He comes to you the minute you open his stall and is searching your soul to see if you are trustworthy. He so desires his own person to lavish their time and affection on him. This gelding is going to make someone a fabulous riding partner!

DEM Lucia bay Lusitano mare DEM Lucia
Lusitano Mare

DOB: April 5, 2010

DEM Lucia is the full sister to one of our premier stallions, DEM Troubadour. Sired by Lusiadas with a 100% Andrade dam, Ssirena, DEM Lucia has the right genes, confirmation and moves to make her proud owner a star in competitive dressage. Her wonderful temperament and desire to be around people will make this young mare a very special riding partner as she matures and discovers her passion. This one of a kind bay mare has been nominated as one of our breeding mares. However, should she fall in love with a person who can take her to the highest levels of competition, we would be willing to negotiate a deal allowing her to fulfill her potential and then give us a few babies afterward.

DEM Lucia bay Lusitano mare DEM Xarrie
Lusitano Mare

DOB: May 20, 2010

This beautiful dapple buckskin mare gets her color from her mother, Xira do Retiro and her temperament from her sire Bariloche do Arete. She is looking for opportunities to please her person. Compact and athletic enough to enjoy competition yet laid back enough just to enjoy a trail ride, DEM Xarrie ("Sherrie") is itching to get started on her career. She will begin her formal training in the summer of 2013 should the right person not come along and take her to her new home. Xarrie seeks human attention and companionship whenever people are around her. With her enthusiasm and athleticism, she will certainly try very hard to master whatever discipline her life partner chooses.

DEM Arya bay Lusitano brood mare DEM Arya
Lusitano Mare

DOB: February 28, 2010

Don E Mor has been blessed with several magnificent young fillies during the 2011 foaling season. DEM Arya is one of those fillies. Tall, strong-boned and a temperament that is exactly what the Lusitano is all about. She will be put into our breeding program as soon as she is ready. Although she has been nominated as a candidate for our breeding program, should she fall in love with a person who can take her to the highest levels of competition, we would be happy to make an agreement with that person giving us some foals later on. DEM Arya's dam is Noche Paloma and her sire is Bariloche do Arete.

headshot of DEM Tarjo bay Lusitano colt DEM Tarjo
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: September 24, 2011

DEM Tarjo is a full brother of our Pei Ley. Sired by Tejo II and foaled by Tarumandai this beautiful bay gelding who is full of energy, is very friendly. Tarjo is growing quite quickly and taking to the breeding program's socialization training. We have observed that he likes to run and jump and may be a good eventing candidate...we must await his decision as we continue his training however. Like a young child, he really doesn't know yet what he wants to be when he grows up. If his older sister Pei Ley is any indication, he will be a head turner.

Lusitano three year olds for sale Don E Mor Four Year Olds

DOB: 2012

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Lusitano two year olds for sale Don E Mor Three Year Olds

DOB: 2013

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To find the latest photos and videos of any of the horses on our Sale page, please visit "www.LusitanoPortfolio.com" or click HERE. You will find our horses among the various lusitanos they have listed.