Zafra Do Retiro Lusitano brood mare Don-E-Mor Zafra Do Retiro
Lusitano Mare

DOB: July 24, 2003
Height: 15.1hh

Zafra Do Retiro - Zafra Do Retiro, a bay 15.1hh Lusitano mare, is one of the most amazing mares we have. She is also one of the safest. If you are looking for a lower level dressage horse that will take care of you and/or a horse to ride the trails, Zafra is the one. Or perhaps you want to experience the miracle of bringing a new Lusitano into the world you could not choose a better mare! Ride her while she is carrying her foal and then witness the spectacular bond of motherhood. Her babies are incredible and so far seem to be given the same sane, mature mind of their mother and she is APSL approved. Zafra has been shown in Virginia at the Baroque Equestrian Games and done Working Equitation. Because of her easy going temperament, she was introduced to young teenage offenders who absolutely adored her, therapy horse? Maybe? Zafra is very wise and has a watchful eye when we are out on the trail. She might be a contender for a Search and Rescue mount. She is available to the right person; is that you? Call me; we will arrange an introduction and find out.

DEM Manana buckskin Lusitano filly cantering DEM Mañana
Lusitano Mare

DOB: April 12, 2014
Height: almost 15hh

DEM Mañana, a beautiful buckskin, is the darling of the barn. If you are looking for a strikingly gorgeous Lusitano buckskin who loves to cuddle, has beautiful movement like her sire, Lavrador and you are not looking for height; you need to come meet Mañana! Watch her video and you will see how she moves! Then you add her dam, Zafra do Retiro and what you have is a Lusitano love-bug! With the coming of spring she will be put under saddle and her price will go up! You should come see her now and snatch her up while her price is still low.

DEM Fresca bay Lusitano mare DEM Fresca
Lusitano Mare

DOB: March 30, 2008
Height: 15.2 hands

"I want to be your best friend, forever..." If you enter her field, DEM Fresca will follow you anywhere hoping to find that person who will be her friend forever! She is doing very well under saddle at walk and trot. The canter we have just begun to work on. She is truly a classic Lusitano noted for athleticism, intelligence, and willingness to please. Fresca's dam is Xira do Retiro and her sire, Istoso, have combined to give her height at approximately 15.2. She is s passionate mare looking for that rider who will share the adventure and romance only a true equestrian can experience. And she wants to do it forever.

DEM Jimador buckskin Lusitano yearling colt trotting DEM Jimador

DOB: 2012

Sire: Lavrador
Dam: Ssirena

DEM Lancelot buckskin Lusitano colt DEM Lancelot
Lusitano Colt

DOB: March 5, 2012

Sire: Dolomit
Dam: DEM Leche

DEM Lancelot is just an amazing gelding. He is 4 and has been started under saddle at a walk and a trot. Lance is 16.2, very curious, personable, almost charismatic and playful but also very intelligent. Lance has been to Florida and to a clinic here in NC where he did just great and he travelled by himself. Lance needs his rider to be as intelligent as he is. One who is able to train him without stifiling his incredible spirit! Lancelot is absolutely a one in a million horse!!!

DEM Maximus bay Lusitano gelding DEM Maximus
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: April 24, 2009

A beautiful mahogany gelding with a gorgeous thick mane, DEM Maximus is beginning his training as a potential dressage candidate. He continues to grow and is quite muscular and strong. Standing at a little over 15 hands, he is extremely compact, swift and elegant in his carriage and movement. A very sociable gelding, DEM Maximus loves people and is clearly looking for his lifetime partner. As a three year old, his training is progressing quite nicely. DEM Maximus' dam is Xira do Retiro and his sire is Tejo II.

headshot of DEM Battata cremelo Lusitano yearling filly DEM Battata

DOB: 2012

Sire: Lavrador
Dam: Te Te Va

DEM Mielada half Lusitano filly standing behind mother Jabez DEM Mielada

DOB: 2013

Sire: Lavrador (lusitano)
Dam: Jabez (quarter horse/Tennesee walker: ungaited)

DEM Bonita cremello Lusitano filly standing in field looking at camera DEM Bonita
Lusitano Filly

DOB: 2013

Sire: Lavrador
Dam: Te Te Va

DEM Isabel bay Lusitano yearling filly trotting DEM Isabel
Lusitano Mare

DOB: 2012

DEM Tesseract buckskin Lusitano colt DEM Tesseract
Lusitano Colt

DOB: March 2014

Tesseract is one amazing colt. He is just 2 1/2 years old so you would have a bit of a wait before riding. We have done the "string" test on him and estimate he will go to 16.3 when he finishes. His appearance is striking! He really is impressive. Even though he is a stallion, he loves scratches on his neck and just about any where.

Tesseract's sire is the amazing, Lavrador! Lavrador was standing at stud on our farm for about 3 years and that stallion just knew everything we said to him. It was phenomenal and he was a hoot to ride! You could ride him anywhere!!! Tesseract's dam is our DEM Trina who is such a love.

With the right training this guy is going to do whatever you ask of him.

DEM Leon bay Lusitano colt DEM Leon de Regalo
Lusitano/Andalusian Colt

DOB: May 7, 2011

DEM Leon de Regalo is the only colt that we know of from our stallion DEM El Regalo! People from the Spanish riding school in Jerez, have stated that DEM El Regalo's confirmation was perfect for a PRE Andalusian. A standout in the 2011 herd of colts, DEM Leon de Regalo combines the best attributes of the Lusitano/ Andalusian breed. He inherited his wonderful temperament and the graceful moves of his father DEM El Regalo. As a one year old, DEM Leon de Regalo already is an excellent competition candidate in different forms of dressage. For now he is responding very well to his socialization training involving leading, loading, grooming and foot care. This young colt will combine physical strength, robust movement and a wonderful temperament fulfilling what some say makes Lusitano horses one of the best riding horses ever.

DEM Melchizedek bay Lusitano colt DEM Melchizedek
Lusitano Colt

DOB: May 2014

This statuesque young colt has a noble birthright and he carries himself accordingly. He possesses the inherent calm demeanor of his sire, as well as strength, balance, and excellent cadence to his gaits. Born May 2014 out of the spectucular imported grey 17H mare, Tarumandai do Penagono x Bariloche do Arete 16.3+H stallion. Mel will be very tall and will eventually turn grey like his dam. He is a fantastic sporthorse prospect with the mind and heart to excel in both classical and competitive dressage.

DEM Macondo bay Lusitano gelding DEM Macondo
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: March 19, 2010

DEM Macondo was measured when he was three and a half at 17H! His dam, the PRE Finale TVC was 16H and is sire Bariloche do Arete was 16.3+H. This is a big boy, yet his demeanor is all Lusitano. He is curious and very personable as he begins his ground work. Again, because of his size we have progressed very slowly allowing him the time it takes to find his balance and self-confidence. If you are looking for an exceptionally tall Lusitano to give the Warm bloods a run for the Blue Ribbon in Dressage, you should treat yourself and come meet this amazing equine!

DEM Amador buckskin Lusitano stallion trotting DEM Amador
Lusitano Stallion

DOB: 2013

Born February 2013, Amador is a rare buckskin Lusitano colt with superb bloodlines, a beautiful conformation, and a very kind and generous temperament. His sire is the magnificent 16:3+ blk/bay stallion, Bariloche do Arete, and his dam is the exotic buckskin, Naja Hi, who scored extremely high on her breed approvals before being imported to the US. With his gorgeous demeanor DEM Amador is a jaw-dropping individual who could easily become a blue ribbon show stopper. This a one-in-a-million colt embodies so many sought-after qualities. If you are looking for a unique breeding stallion, a flagship horse for your farm to show, a remarkable riding horse, or a life-long partner to enjoy, DEM Amador offers all this and more. DEM Amador is the last of an extraordinary blending. Don’t miss the opportunity to acquire this spectacular golden buckskin colt and unlock his enormous potential.

DEM Luna Bailaor bay Lusitano filly trotting DEM Luna Bailaor
Lusitano Filly

DOB: 2013

Stunning black filly born July 2013 out of the imported mare, Xira Do Retiro 14.3H x the black imported stallion, Dolomit do Arete. An extremely nice quality filly that will be a fantastic adult with unlimited potential.

DEM Benedicion bay Lusitano colt DEM Benedicion
Lusitano Colt

DOB: 2014

This playful, fun loving colt was born April 2014 out of DEM Alegre and sired by Lavrador, imported buckskin APSL approved 16.2H stallion. Benedicion is elegant and flashy, with remarkable agility. Bene loves being the center of attention, has a clownish sense of humor, and can put on the moves! Just watch how he puts on a show for the camera. He will be an exhilarating dance partner - guaranteed enjoyment!

DEM Salvador dark bay Lusitano colt DEM Salvador de Noche
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: June 5, 2011

DEM Salvador de Noche is one of our few Lusitano/Andalusian cross horses. His dam is Noche Paloma and Sire is PRE Luna Eclipse. Salvador is going to be a big boy. Already pushing 15 hands as a one year old, his father clocks in at 17 hands and mother at 16.2. This young black gelding is very friendly and has taken well to our socialization training. He will be an extremely agile and athletic horse for his size. Both parents have large necks and flowing manes and tails. We expect the same from him. He believe he will do well in either classical dressage such as in the Baroque games or in competitive dressage.

DEM Royalsstar grey Lusitano breeding stallion Royalsstar
Lusitano Stallion

DOB: February 21, 1998

Royalsstar was bred and birthed in Portugal at the famous Arsenio Raposo Codeiro's stud. Arsenio Codeiro has been called by some as the most influential breeder of his time and was considered a guardian of the Lusitano genetics. We are so proud to now own one of this man's amazing stallions. Royalsstar, affectionately known as "Ronnie", is an approved APSL breeding stallion. He was born February 21, 1998 and is pure Veiga and Andrade. He has grown into a most excellent stallion. At 16.1H he has the perfect size, he has good gaits and works very hard to please.

As a breeding stallion his temperament and work ethic are superb. He is wonderful to ride and teaches me so much about dressage. We took him to the ERAHC show in VA in 2013 and he was one of our two stallions shown in the Baroque Equestrian Games, Breeder's Showcase. Though all our horses did very well, Ronnie stole the show. As a spectator it was easy to select which horse was most at ease and had the most experience in front of audiences. He was our star and he knew it!

We feel so privileged to have this wonderful stallion with us. He has been bred to DEM Pei Ley who is also tall, 16H+, their foal is one to watch for!

DEM Carlito bay Lusitano gelding DEM Carlito
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: July 8, 2008

This handsome smoky black gelding stands just under 16 hands and is still growing. He is a sweet horse that tries hard to please and is extremely quick and athletic. When he is finished developing he is sure to turn heads. Extremely athletic, and "sports car quick" the name DEM Carlito even sounds like a sports car. His trainer believes that Carlito would best be served with one competent experienced rider with soft hands that can give him consistency. Carlito is looking for that special bond with his forever riding partner that he can trust wholeheartedly! This is one Lusitano that will need his confidence coming from you. We have him on short success oriented training sessions in the arena adding new things at a rate that allows him to absorb the situation and thus build up his confidence. DEM Carlito's dam is Te Te Va and sire is Hipogrifo.

DEM Ramses a buckskin Lusitano colt DEM Ramses
Lusitano Gelding
Sire: Dolomit do Arete
Dam: DEM Da Leche

DEM Da Leche Lusitano brood mare Don-E-Mor DEM Da Leche

This filly wants only to be with her people. She is out of our bay mare, Zafra Do Retiro, and the 16H Brazilian cremello stallion, Unicornio Do Retiro. Her grandsire, Othelo Do Retiro, is the best scored Isabel in the world with a 79 point score.

DEM Te Te Va cream colored Lusitano breeding mare Te Te Va
Puro Sangue Isabella Lusitano Mare

DOB: December 23, 1999

Te Te Va is a beautiful rare cream colored mare. Her sire is Dito who has the bullfighting stallion, Imperador, in his lineage. Her dam, Navarra HM, has Afiancado De Flandes and Paragrafo Top as stallions in her line. Her temperament is unmatched and we have seen her pass this on to her foals. Te Te has given us foals in the following colors, buckskin (see Sereno Real), dark bays (similar to the color of Castaño), and foals the same cream color she exhibits. She is also broke to ride at a walk, trot and canter. Private Treaty only.

DEM Troubadour bay Lusitano stallion DEM Troubadour
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: April 8, 2009

One hundred percent athlete." That was the description a horse trainer used to describe DEM Troubadour. This breathtaking gelding has all of the qualities of a classic Lusitano, able to compete in every area of equestrian competition, dressage, eventing, and western events. His dam, Ssirena, is 100% Andrade, which we are told is rare here in the states. His sire Lusiadas is 40% Vega and 20% Andrade. The combination provides an extremely agile and athletic horse. He is flashy, he is handsome and he is energetic. This young gelding is looking for a riding partner with whom he can share a grand future.

Noche Paloma Lusitano/Andalusian brood mare Don-E-Mor Noche Paloma
S/P, Andalusian and Lusitano

This majestic black champion mare stands 16:1 hands tall. Her pedigree boasts the best Spanish and Portuguese blood. As a three year old, Noche was named champion at the NE Classical Breed show. Later she became a Champion at the Eastern Regional Andalusian & Lusitano show. Needless to say, Noche has brought rave revues everywhere she has been presented. Her offspring have followed in her illustrious footsteps. For example her son, Belmonte II TCV, has proven himself in both halter and open dressage competition by winning many IALHA, USEF, and USDF titles. Noche is one of the cornerstone mares in our dressage breeding program. She produces size, substance, competitive movement, along with a great possibility of elegant black color. We are expecting her future foals to be magnificent prospects for both halter and open dressage competition.

Naja Hi Lusitano brood mare Don E Mor Naja Hi

Our Naja has a gift of imparting color to her offspring. She has given us buckskin, palomino, bay, cremelo and gray. All her foals have her fluid movement and floating gait. Naja's dam's great grandfather deserves special regard. He is the famous buckskin, bullfighting stallion, Imperador. Her mix of Veiga bloodlines make her off spring extremely responsive. Private treaty.

Tarumandai Do Penagono Lusitano brood mare Don-E-Mor Tarumandai Do Penagono

Tarumandai, or "Taru," as we affectionately call her, is one of our premiere Lusitano breeding mares. She stands an impressive 16.2+ hands tall and her presence is a site to behold. As she moves through the field, her gaits are fluid, open, and slow. Your attention gravitates toward her, regardless of your will! We are very excited about her foals and the promise they will show in the equestrian world.

DEM Capernicus perlino Lusitano stallion DEM Capernicus
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: June 8, 2008

If you have ever wanted to make an entrance mounted on a beautiful white horse DEM Capernicus is the one for you. This flashy gelding is beginning his training as a four year old in the methods of classical dressage. His exceptional movement and confirmation make him an excellent prospect for the classical dressage program where anyone can engage the graceful equestrian art through the Baroque Equestrian Games. DEM Capernicus' dam is Te Te Va and his sire is Lusiadas. A very personable young gelding, he is seeking his life riding partner.

DEM Prada bay Lusitano colt DEM Prada
Lusitano Colt

DOB: 2013
Sire: Dolomit do Arete
Dam: Tarumandai Do Penagono

DEM Estella dark bay Lusitano filly DEM Estella
Lusitano Filly

Sire: Dolomit
Dam: Noche Paloma

DEM Kameia buckskin Lusitano filly DEM Kameia
Lusitano Filly

Sire: Lavrador
Dam: DEM Trina

DEM Pavey bay Lusitano colt DEM Pavey
Lusitano Colt

Sire: Dolomit
Dam: Tarumandai Do Penagono

DEM Rayo gray Lusitano gelding DEM Rayo
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: July 20, 2007
Height: 15.1 hands in Oct. 2011, and growing

Rayo is a gifted horse who demands a relationship and trust. His level of sensitivity and intelligence makes him highly desirable for any discipline that requires an instant response. Rayo wants a job so that he can use his God-given talents for the benefit of his human partner. His dam is our own Naja Hi and his sire is the gray Lusitano stallion Istoso.

DEM Alabastro Smokey cream Lusitano horse DEM Alabastro
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: October 3, 2007

Alabastro is a gelding that will be as honest as the day is long. He is one of our most athletic horses and has the moves that every Lusitano owner desires from their mount! His dam is our rare smokey cream mare, Te Te Va, and his sire is the impressive buckskin stallion Lusiadas. Alabastro is easy-going, curious, friendly, and has the most amazing iridescent mother of pearl coat the just glistens in the sun! As he fills out and matures, he is bound to be breathtaking!

DEM Juliette bay Lusitano mare DEM Juliette
Lusitano Mare

DOB: August 10, 2008

Sired by the palomino stallion, Fabio, and birthed by our buckskin, Naja Hi, this mare has the potential to throw babies with very nice color. We were so interested in this prospect that she is in foal (due in April) to Lavrador. Like almost all of our horses, Juliette is in your pocket; well socialized and has some training on the trails and in the arena. She has an excellent disposition and is eager to find her forever riding partner.

DEM Cremebrule cremelo Lusitano mare DEM Cremebrule
Lusitano Mare

DOB: August 8, 2007

Cremebrule is a rare Isabella cremelo mare who moves with a dream-like, floating gracefulness through the fields. Cremebrule is personable and promises to be a magnificent lifetime riding partner. For any breeding program, "Bru" will contribute superb movement and add a great number of colors. Bru's dam is our own Naja Hii and her sire is the Lusitano stallion, Fabio (Modico).

DEM Regala Lusitano Tennesse walker yearling filly trotting DEM Regala
Lusitano/Tennesse Walker Filly (ungaited)
Sire: Lavrador
Dam: Jabez

DEM Lexus smokey black Lusitano mare DEM Lexus
Lusitano Mare

DOB: July 6, 2009

This beautiful smoky black mare stands about 15.2 hands and is still growing. This mare has all of the qualities of a classic Lusitano able to compete in every area of equestrian competition; dressage, eventing, western. A very sociable mare, DEM Lexus loves people and is clearly looking for her lifetime partner. As a three year old, her training though just beginning is progressing quite nicely. She will make someone a very impressive mount. DEM Lexus' dam is Te Te Va and sire is Hipogrifo.

DEM Mojave bay Lusitano colt
DEM Mojave
Lusitano Colt

DOB: June 14, 2011

Don E Mor has been blessed with several young buckskin colts and fillies during the 2011 and 2012 foaling seasons. DEM Mojave belongs to the 2011 herd and is undergoing his socialization training. As he grows, it is clear that he will represent the Lusitano breed well. He is developing powerful hindquarters, a muscular, arched neck, and the usual full, thick mane and tail. Very personable, he is first among his pasture mates to greet anyone entering his field. He clearly wants his own person to bond and grow with. The Don E Mor staff nurtures these tendencies as he progresses in his socialization training program. As a one year old it is clearly premature to assume this young colt will be a star, however all the signs indicate he will be particularly well-suited for the haute ecole (advanced disciplines) of classical dressage. DEM Mojave's dam is Naja Hi and his sire is Bariloche do Arete

DEM Cariño black Lusitano gelding
DEM Cariño
Lusitano/PRE Andalusian Gelding

DOB: August 10, 2007

Cariño has the impressive 16H black PRE Andalusian mare Granada K as his dam. Granada passes on her expressive movement and regal personality to all her foals, many of whom have gone on to be very successful dressage horses. His sire is the black Lusitano stallion Hipogrifo whose work ethic is unchallenged and who moves superbly. When fully grown, Cariño is going to be breathtaking.

DEM Picante bay Lusitano mare
DEM Picante
Lusitano Mare

DOB: August 2, 2008
Height: 15.2 hands

"Refined, sweet and willing..." That is how our trainers describe DEM Picante. They have begun her training with instruction in classical dressage and she is up to the challenge and is responding very well. This lady is learning how to respond to the rider with softness and elegance that display a harmony between the horse and rider so necessary in the art of Dressage. At four years old, she continues to grow measuring approximately 15.2. Her dam is Te Te Va and sire Hipogrifo. DEM Picante is graceful and elegant under saddle. Enthusiastic and willing, she will go far when her riding mate asks.

DEM Felicity Lusitano mare
DEM Felicity
Lusitano Mare

DOB: April 29, 2010

An awe inspiring young mare foaled in 2010; DEM Felicity is clearly a stand-out. This mare has all of the qualities of a competitive Lusitano able to compete in every area of equestrian competition. Her new owner will likely compete in classical dressage. DEM Felicity comes from some of our finest breeding stock with both her sire and dame imported from Brazil. Her mother, Tarumandai do Pentagono and her father Bariloche do Arete, are both exceptional representatives of the Lusitano breed. This combination provides an extremely agile and athletic horse that will have the size to compete head to head with world class warm bloods. DEM Felicity has a grand future ahead of her.

DEM Valiente Lusitano/Warmblood gelding
DEM Valiente
Lusitano/Warmblood Gelding

DOB: May 10, 2007
Height: 16.1+ hands in Oct. 2011, and growing

Valiente is a very well bred sport horse. His mother is the rare smokey cream mare Te Te Va who passes on her wonderful, giving personality and regalness to all her foals. His sire is the 18H, chestnut, American Holsteiner stallion Lotus T from Prairie Pines Sporthorses. As a 4 year-old in 2002, Lotus T placed 3rd at the 100-day stallion testing behind two 7 year-old stallions. Lotus T is fantastic at jumping and dressage, and was named "potentially the best young event sire in North America" by the USEA magazine. Lotus T's credentials include: Approved Holsteiner (AHHA), Approved Belgian Warmblood (BWP), and Rheinland-Pfalz-Saar (RPSI). Valiente is going to be one to watch as he is all ready the tallest in his foaling group.

DEM Mantequilla palomino Lusitano gelding
DEM Mantequilla
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: August 10, 2007
Height: 15+ hands in Feb. 2011

Like a ray of sunshine warms your body, Mantequilla, the beautiful palomino Lusitano colt will warm your heart. "Mante" is a lover of people and is looking for his lifetime companion. He is the first in the field to come and greet you and stays by your side until you leave. We are watching him grow and are sure he is going to be even more magnificent once he matures. His dam is our beautiful buckskin, Naja Hi, and his sire is the eye-catching Lusitano stallion Fabio (Modico).

DEM Sereno SOLD, Sanguine Lusitano Light Cream Buckskin Gelding
DEM Sereno Real
Puro Sanguine Lusitano Light Cream Buckskin Gelding

DOB: March 31, 2006

This exceptionally rare buckskin has captured the heart of everyone with whom he comes in contact. His mother is the rare smokey cream Lusitano mare, Te Te Va, and his sire is the magnificent 16:2 buckskin stallion, Lavrador. Sereno knows no stranger. He is without a doubt the most special colt we have ever seen. When he runs in the fields he looks like a carousal horse; some would call it music in motion.

-1st place Junior Stallion at the region 6 Eastern Regional Andalusian Horse Club July 2010, Mt Holyoke, MA.
-1st place Junior Stallion at the ERAHC Classic Horse Show in Sept 2010 (picture) Lexington, VA.

DEM Regalo gray PRE Andalusian Stallion
DEM El Regalo
PRE Andalusian Stallion

DOB: May 25, 2005
Height: 16 hands in May 2009

This exceptional six year old PRE stallion out of Granada K and Malandante exhibits, superb confirmation and outstanding temperament. Granada K's sire Belico, a pure Carthusian stallion, became the Costa Rican national Champion. Her dam is Diablura who combines the famous Cardenas stallion Genil (Champion of Spain) with Intrusa II, from the famous breeder of black champions. Malandante's dam, Nube III, was a champion in Spain, and his sire is the magnificent 16:3 hand black stallion Genio. Regalo's sister, Millenia TCV, is a 2006 IALHA National Champion Mare. He is very desirous to please and is looking for his soul-mate. Regalo is presently training toward Grand Prix. For further information, please visit

-Reserve Champion Stallion at the region 6 Eastern Regional Andalusian Horse Club July 2010, Mt Holyoke, MA.
-1st place Senior Stallion at the ERAHC Classic Horse Show in Sept 2010 (picture), Lexington, VA.
-Grand Champion Stallion at the ERAHC Classic Horse Show in Sept 2010 (picture), Lexington, VA.

DEM Latte con Leche a Lusitano buckskin
DEM Latte con Leche
Lusitano Gelding

DOB: Feb 11, 2007
Height: 15 hands in Feb. 2011

His sire is the Lusitano buckskin stallion Lavrador from Vintage Iberia and his dam is our Xiro Do Retiro. His dam's lineage includes, Brazil's leading stallion, Afiancado de Flandes and the many times grand champion Dardo II. Latte is afraid of nothing, yet very gentle and people-oriented.

DEM Conquistador buckskin Lusitano stallion
DEM Conquistador
Lusitano Stallion

DOB: May 15, 2007

As you watch DEM Conquistador, time seems to stand still. The way he moves over the land is as if a melody is playing in his heart. Elegant, kind and loving, he is a magnificent stallion who is looking for that special person to be a part of his life. If you are looking for a deep, life-time bond with your horse, Conqui, is the horse for you! Conqui was born with cataracts but you would never know by watching him move or by how he responds to things (watch his videos HERE). If you are looking for an amazing horse to bond with, love, and love you in return, DEM Conquistador is a horse you must meet.

DEM Castaño SOLD, dark bay Lusitano stallion
DEM Castaño
Lusitano Stallion

DOB: June 1, 2007

Steady, secure, and steadfast is DEM Castaño. His movement is fluid and functional and as he grows to maturity he will be an eye-stopper! Castaño desires your attention and adores the recognition he receives, showing his gratitude with great affection. He will be a lifetime partner that will make your dreams come true. His sire is the Lusitano stallion, Lusiadas, and his dam is our own Naja Hi.

DEM Bravo bay Lusitano stallion
DEM Bravo
Lusitano Stallion

DOB: March 11, 2008

A beautiful bay stallion with a gorgeous thick mane, DEM Bravo sold as a two year old. His well-developed physical features help him to move as a great dressage candidate. A very sociable stallion, DEM Bravo loves people and found his lifetime partner. As a three year old, his training is progressing quite nicely. DEM Bravo's dam is Zafra Do Retiro and his sire is Istoso.

DEM Dulce bay Lusitano mare
DEM Dulce
Lusitano Mare

DOB: March 24, 2008

DEM Dulce has a mild temperament yet superior movement and confirmation that enables her to connect with her rider fulfilling what some say makes Lusitano horses as one of the best riding horses ever. She sold as a three year old, standing at over 16 hands and began her training in different forms of equestrian disciplines with her new owners in Canada. It is clear that her fluid movement coupled with her passionate character will compete favorably in the dressage ring. DEM Dulce's sire is Hipogrifo and dam is Ssirena.