Horses running through trees and high grass at Don E Mor

Josie looking into the eye of DEM Rayo grey Lusitano gelding

DEM horses running through trees Don-E-Mor

Quedimas Smar bay Lusitano horse arching his neck

Stables at Don-E-Mor

Colt running at Don-E-Mor

Trainer walking a horse out of the door tail and leather chaps swinging

Alabastro and Mantequilla posing for photo Lusitano horses Don-E-Mor

Don-E-Mor stable doors

Quedimas Smar bay Lusitano horse walking

Horse in the trees of Don-E-Mor

Stall door of the horse stables at Don E Mor

Storm clouds over Don-E-Mor

Richard Schouten at a fast canter with grey lusitano gelding DEM Rayo in the freshly cut hay fields of Don E Mor

Horse standing in trees at Don-E-Mor

DEM Da Leche Lusitano horse in the snow at Don-E-Mor

dirt road cutting through a field of Don E Mor at dusk

Quedimas Smar Lusitano horse turned neck Don-E-Mor